Click on a shop to see the spaces available to rent, the rental prices, more information about the shop, or to rent your space.

If you are new to Things British and you want to rent space then you need to complete this registration form first so that we can create an account for you. 


Once you have rented your space you will receive your rental contract by email within 24 hours. Your account will also be upgraded so that you can access the Partner Guide and Partner Admin Portal.  When you log in to the portal you will see that we have created 999 product codes ready for you. You will need to enter a description and price for each of these codes and then write the same code and price on a label on each product you intend to sell in the shop. Finally, you will bring a delivery note (also known as a packing slip) which details all the stock brought in each delivery. We have templates for the delivery note ready for you to download and use, or you can design your own. 

All of the above and more is detailed in the Partner Guide. This is an online guide you will have access to once your rental has been made. 

Finally, there are additional sections and options should you also like sell the same or different codes on our website (which is free of charge to do), plus lots of other hints and tips.

In the meantime, you can find answers to lots of questions in our FAQ, and on our selling with us page. 


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