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About this Guide

This guide is for use by our Partners to manage their retail and online product listings and sales.

This guide is divided into the following sections:

Steps to sell in-store - how to label and price your products for sale in our retail shops.

Steps to also sell online - how to also configure some or all of your products for sale online.

Steps to showcase online - how to showcase (for information) some of your products online.

Other important information - such information as reports, remittance, managing stock etc.

If you can't see the full menu on the left then you must have first registered as a partner to sell with us, have your account enabled by us (which we aim to do the same day). You will need to also have already rented your space (which you need to be registered as a partner to be able to do).

You need to be logged in with your Partner credentials to view the contents of this guide (otherwise the menu and content is hidden). If you have logged in with your partner credentials then you can ignore this message. A shoppers login will not grant you access.


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